AlcoMate Breathalyzer

Do You Know that All Breathalyzers Must Be Sent Back
to the Factory Every Year for Re-Calibration?

Not any more…Introducing AlcoMate Breathalyzer AL7000

Personal alcohol breathalyzer use has become extremely popular over the past few years.  But there is a hidden cost and aggravation associated with maintaining the accuracy of an alcohol breathalyzer.

The AlcoMate Breathalyzer has now solved the problem.

Already know about AlcoMate’s replaceable alcohol sensor that means you’ll never need to send it back to the factory for re-calibration? If so, click here to learn why some AlcoMate Premium Dealers should be avoided.

9-10 months ago you paid good money for a new alcohol breathalyzer.  Now, less than a year later, it’s giving you wildly inaccurate readings.

Guess what? You forgot to read the fine print.

When you purchased your breathalyzer no one told you that you’d have to send it back to the manufacturer every 6 to 12 months to have it re-calibrated.  But that’s reality with almost every alcohol breathalyzer on the market.

All breathalyzers have a sensor module (the part that determines your blood-alcohol-content) that degrades over time.  Eventually the sensor gets clogged with residue and it becomes less and less accurate.  To remedy this situation, you must ship your breathalyzer back to the factory…and this applies to almost every other alcohol breathalyzer on the market today.

That’s correct, you must pack it up and ship it back to them. Pay the shipping cost. Pay their re-calibration fee (usually $20 – $40). And then wait until they ship it back to you. Isn’t that cost and aggravation you can do without?

Now there is a state-of-the-art alcohol breathalyzer that completely eliminates the re-calibration process.  The AlcoMate Breathalyzer AL7000 uses a sensor module that you can install yourself in under a minute.  It’s as easy as changing a battery.

Just flip open a small panel on the back.  Pop out the old sensor.  Pop in the new one and you’re good to go.

To see exactly how it’s done, watch this brief video:

The AlcoMate Breathalyzer AL7000 also has a 4-digit back-lighted readout, making it easy to read day or night.  And it’s the sleekest hand held unit you will find. About the same size as your Blackberry, so it easily fits in your pocket.

The AlcoMate Breathalyzer AL7000 combines the latest PRISM (Precalibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) technology, professional accuracy and sleek, modern design into a convenient, easy-to-use unit. It is suitable for health and law enforcement professionals, as well as businesses…and did I mention consumers seeking a top-notch product?

“If your budget will allow, AlcoMate Premium is the way to go”

Ok, you’re half way there. Now you need to figure out how and where to get the best value for your money when purchasing your AlcoMate Premium AL7000. I’ve done hours of research on that value for money question and I’m happy to help.

Just visit this page=> AlcoMate Premium

If you prefer to make your purchase now, click here for the AlcoMate Premium Ultimate Value Pack


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Joseph Conrad @ 2:20 pm #

I bought the alcomate premium from a link on this page about 6 mos ago.

It works like a charm and gives me great peace of mind after a few.

shhhhh…Giving the same unit to my wife for Christmas.

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